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This is the portfolio site of Monica Hübner. You can find a collection of my work listed below.

Monica Hübner

I am from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany where I gratuaded in 2009 from the St. Irmengard Gymnasium, also known as an high school in America. I worked from 2009 till 2014 at the Costum Control and started my studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich until I transfered in 2014 to the University of Denver where I am about to graduate in August 2017.

  • Internship Experience

– Internship with VP Legacies, Video and  Photo Editing
– Internship with Ski Racing Media Inc, Journalism
– Internship with MuscleSound, Marketing
– Internship with Denver Pioneers Athletics, Media Department
– Internship in the office of Stephan Mayer, Member of German Bundestag, in Berlin
– Internship in the PR section of the CSU in Munich
– Internship at the local newspaper Müncher Merkur in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

  • DU Clarion

I started writing for the University of Denver student newspaper, the DU Clarion, the fall quarter 2016. My first published article made it into print as well as the online edition of the Clarion. I wrote about the refugee crisis and introduced with it the relativly new student organisation on campus – No lost generation.
Click here to see the online version of ‘No lost generation’ debuts at DU to raise refugee awareness

  • Coding my own Webpage

In my ‘Web Content Development’ class I learned the basics of HTML, CSS and jS coding. The result can be seen on my personal designed portfolio webpage.

  • Infographic Story Telling

I learned to use the power of illustrations and graphics (on Adobe Illustrator) to tell stories in the “Data Journalism” class that I’ve taken. This class also included further coding labs to be able to display work on the web (D3 labs).
Examples: #2_ski_turn      #3_infographic_A380   infographic_super bowl

  • Cinematography

I also learn the art of producing films. The progress of my film work that I have done in relation with my film minor can be checked out on vimeo.

  • Video Story

My two most current video stories are related to sport and sports politics. The first one, Erik Read – a portrait, is about a young Canadian skier. My second story, Ready for Olympia?, is about Almaty’s (KAZ) readiness to host Olympic winter games. For both stories I worked entirely on my own.

I like to point out my first video story that I produced – Stepping ahead- planning a career – which I did in cooperation with Siobhan Stocks-Lyons. I enjoyed this team project a lot and liked the shared work experience.

  • Radio Story

This is my first radio story poject that I have done. The biggest challenge for me was finding the right edits and cuts, as you don’t have a video line supporting your audio. The story has the title ‘The refugee cirsis and a new student organisation at DU -No Lost Generation’.

  • Online News Story

My online news story is about the past presidential election. In ‘What new influences do media have on the 2016 presidential election’ I already portrayed the incrased amount of use of social media. Although at this piont non of the experts I was talking to thought the impact would be the way it turned out.

  • Collected Twitter Roundup

Troughout the fall quarter 2016 I had to tweet for two classes of mine regularly. After having collected a few tweets, I published in word press a roundup of the most recent ones.smartphone-586944_1920
My world on Twitter #1 
My world on Twitter #2
My world on Twitter #3
My world on Twitter #4
My world on Twitter #5
My world on Twitter #6
My world on Twitter #7
My world on Twitter #8
My world on Twitter #9
My world on Twitter #10
My world on Twitter #11

  • College Athlete

After having skied with the German national team for about 9 years I became a college athlet and started skiing for the University of Denver. Here is just a short list of my most important success.

German National Ski Team
  • Ski World Cup, Slalom, 2010 Levi 23.
  • Ski World Cup, Slalom, 2011 Ofterschwang 25.
  • Ski World Cup, 9 Starts
  • Junior World Championships, 2008, 2009, 2010 (best rank: 4. in Combine in 2008)
  • Ski Europa Cup, Slalom, 2010 La Molina 1.
  • Ski Europa Cup, Slalom, 2011 Formigal 3.
  • Several National Championships Medals in all colors for senior, junior, and children
  • Several top rankings in Europa Cup and victories in FIS races across all disciplines
NCAA Athlete for the University of Denver
  • NCAA National Champion Team 2016
  • NCAA National Champion, Slalom 2015
  • NCAA National runner-up, Giant Slalom 2015
  • NCAA National third, Slalom 2016
  • NCAA first team All American, 4 times; second team All American one time
  • RMISA Champion, Slalom 2016
  • RMISA MVP 2015
  • National Skier of the year 2015
  • World University Games, Winter Universade, Slalom 2. (silver medal) in Granada 2015
  • World University Games, Winter Universade, Slalom 2. (silver medal) in Almaty 2017

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