My World on Twitter #4

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Civilians are fleeing into Syria

The current offense of joint Irakqi forces are making their way to Mossul. The infantry forces are supported by air strikes.

Eralier this week first annoucements of success were sent out. Regardless of this support, IS fighters are still in the city.

Due to the up coming gurialla fighting the city will face civilians are leaving the city. As the joint irakqi forces are approching form the sout, the only way left is into Syria, into IS territory.

Do you want political success? – Look at Hollywood!

‘Hollywood equals political success’ this seems to sound like a joke, but if one has a look on the strategy of conservative right and extremist movements in Europe and the USA it has become reality.

First, creat fear! The easiest way: a catastrophe. The only difference we are talking about humans, refugees, not about an natural desaster like e.g. in Roland Emmenrich’s movies.

The dehumanization of refugees is the result of their argumentation, but their game goes on.

Should I stay or should I go?

The Scots will have to decied again.

In the last referendum Scotland was voting to remain within the UK. But since that a essential change has happened. The UK voted about remaining within the EU – they soon will leave.

Scotland was voting to stay within the UK referendum about EU membership, just as Northern Irland and London. The country realises that now with this new path England will proceed on, their interest aren’t reperesented at all and they consider due to the new circumstances their referendum about remaining in the UK needs to be asked agian.

To Scotland the EU seems to be more appealing then the UK!

Impressions of the 2nd debate

The debate of the presidential candidates was as usually highly commented in the social networks. The Washington Post did a good job gatehring the most important and interesting tweets, likes etc.

They are an interesting summary with the addition of a reflection in it, but check them out and make up your own mind.

2nd presidential election debate

The second round of the TV duell of presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, was running for 90 min.

For anybody who couldn’t or maybe wouldn’t like to see the whole debate, this is a good summarizing video of the main points of the debate.

The most interesting fact was the different format round two had – it was a town hall debate.

Who will be the moderators of round two in the fight for the White House?

For round two, the town hall debate, there will be two moderators. On the one hand it will be Martha Raddatz from ABC, on the other hand there will be Anderson Cooper from CNN.

Both reporters are broadly known in the US and are very successful. Nevertheless, Trump seems not to be happy with any of the two of them.

Is there a way to legal doping?

Athlets can have more serious illnesses just as any other human as well. Some illnesses need threatment with medication which is forbidden by the anti-doping rules.

Of course in these cases the athlets will be allowed to use this medicin, but they need a TUE (therapeutic use exemption) authorized by the WADA.

This sounds a bit like a door opener. Unfortunately the numbers are supporting the thesis. In the last years the number of TUEs has highly increased and also the number of cases in which false diagonsis was issued by a Doctor, as a medical certificate is needed.

Which countries control the game?

We all remember the cold war, the world was seperated in two teams. But how many countries and which countries do control the international circuit in politics these days?

The new world order becomes visible in the Syrian civil war. The war in Syria is lasting already over five years. The amount of countries interfering in the struggle is imense.
By analyizing all the different intersts shown in this war one is able to identify the big players within the nations.

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The refugee crisis and a new student organisation at DU – No Lost Generation

Photo in sound box: refugee children in one of the biggest camps in the world Zaatari, Jordan. Photo by Syria Freedom.

This year at DU a new student organization has started – No Lost Generation. It falls into a time when we are hit almost everyday by new headlines of the refugee crisis. Recently the Obama Administration announced to increase the amount of overall refugees the US will take for 2017, up to 110,000.

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My World on Twitter #3

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Google with new phone and Home!

Google wants its costumer to come affiliated on more and more divices. For the battle against its rivals, e.g. Amazon, Google presented some new products.

Functioning almost like Amazon’s Echo, Google presented its Home and new phones which are now called Pixel. They also gave a look out on releases in the nearer future.

Hungary’s vote against the EU-refugee politics was lost

Hungary has voted on the referendum about the EU-refugee politics. Chief of government, Viktor Orbán and his party have tried to push the hungarian people to a resistence vote against the plan of Brussels.

Brussels want to distribute refugees within the EU.

But although Orbán got about 94% of votes, the voter turn out was too low. A minimum of 50% must have made their decision, this is why the referendum is lost.

Biggest radio telescope started in China

China moves on with its plan to become a high-tech leading nation and with its prestigious military space project. This radio telescope placed in the region Guzihou did cost 138m english pund.

Scientists hope to be able to detect with its help alien life. The telescope had detected electromagnetic waves emitted by a pulsar more than 1,300 light years away the first day operating.

Muslims and Democracy – does this work?

Many people in the Western world often assume quickly that Muslims and Democracy doesn’t exist. We quickly think about Dictators, Kings etc.

But reality looks different. Al Jazeera presents a cool fact check video which proves the opposite, or at least shows that there is also a different Muslim world which we don’t consider at all most of the times.

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My World on Twitter #2

For more news about things which move the world, or at least twitter, go to #digitaljournos. Here you can see a summary of my twitter posts of the past two weeks.

A new tinderbox for the world

The argument about one of the most important nautical traiding routes hasn’t moved any closer to a solution for years. In contrast in the past actions by the arguing countries have been preformed which made the situation in the South China Sea more dangerous.

Singapour is accusing a Chinese newspaper to tell lies. The ambassador of Singapour discribes the work of the chinese newspaper to be done “with no regard for the facts.

Is history about to repet itself in the 2016 presidential election?

Many people remember the presidential election of 2000 very well. George W. Bush entered the oval office, although he had lost the popular vote.

Will Abba’s song “Waterloo” be profen right again, by this year’s election? Might Hillary Clinton win the popular vote but loss the office?

Muslims and Democracy!

It is often portrayed that Muslims don’t live in Democracies. One heaers about dictators, kings, sheiks and others.

Fact is more Muslims live in democracies than not. Muslim countries like Indonesia are often forgotten, just like the many Muslims living in Europe or the US.

 About the importance of social media in the 2016 presidential election

An analysis about the new ways of influence social media has on the race for the white house. The number of social media users has grown tremendously since the last election.

Donald Trump  could gain more free advertisment, $380 million, by social media use then Hillary Clinton, $100 million, could.

Big majority for Putin’s “United Russia”

Putin’s party “Untied Russia” won the election, but the voter turnout was the lowest in history. Liberal parties have failed to pass the 5% barrier.

Putin is now arlready for 17 years either President or Minister President of Russia.

Update on: How can athlets protect their privacy rights?

The Russian Hackers have released more athlets’ medical records. This time there are a large number of Britsh athlets involved, e.g. Mo Farah.

Myanmar sets for new hopes

The Untied States of America are giving up their economical sanctions against Myanmar. Myanmar hopes to get a quick off for its economy which they believe would allow the country to democratize the country further.

Experts are bias about the success of this startgie.

How can athlets protect their privacy rights?

Russian hackers gained access to the privat medical records of athlets which is collected by the WADA. If hackers are able to get to these information, which athlet can be sure that his or her whereabouts are save and secret in ADAMS?

ADAMS is the system an athlet has to let the WADA know where he or she will be in the next hour, in general a schedule has to be submitted every three month in advance.

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What new influences do media have on the 2016 presidential election?

Head photo by Theresa Thompson

It might be the first time during any presidential campaigning that the candidates themselves have so often discussed and mentioned or even criticized the media in their behavior. Nearby the candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, believe in the influence that media have on voters.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both not just battling each other from behind podiums; the race for the White House is this time very deeply discussed in social media. Photo by Krassotkin (derivative), Gage Skidmore (Donald Trump), Gage Skidmore (Hillary Clinton) from Wikimedia.

“Media had always played a huge role”

The role of media had traditionally been huge in presidential elections according to University of Denver Professor Lynn Schofield Clark, PhD, chair of the Media, Film and Journalism Departement. Over time new media platforms brought new elements into the race for the White House, e.g. TV emphasis emotions and social media emphasis the shocking momentum.

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My World on Twitter #1

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How social media influences the presidental race

The number of active users of social media has impressivly grown since the last election. Facebook, Twitter and Co. are reaching more people then ever and presidental candidates try to react to this.

SocialFlow is a company that has had a closer look on the topic. According to them Donald Trump got free advertisment through social media which is worth $380 Million, in contrast Hillary Clinton just $100 Million.

The main group which is reached thourgh the use of social media is the young voter.

A Comparism of global carbon dioxide emissions

The United States and Europe have over the past decades a relative constant level of carbon dioxide emissions. Also counted per head the United States have about double the amount of a European person.

The big global problem becomes reality if China and India reach the European level. These countries are just in their development.

The future of driving?

Canada’s Ministre Garneau is checking out the newest technology of cars. A hydrogen fuel cell car which doesn’t make any noise while driving it.

As this car is not yet on sale one needs to find other solutions. Transport Canada provides  good guidance for buying fuel efficent cars.

Being quadriplegic doesn’t mean you can’t be a race car driver

Arrow has designed a special car to help Sam Schmidt, a former Indy Racing League driver, to make it back on the race track after he became quadriplegic due to a crash.

By rethinking the control system of a car and finding crative solutions the team of Arrow has modified a 2014 Corvette C7 Stingray. They call the car SAM – a semi-autonomous motorcar.

Bayer buys Monsanto

The German company Bayer turns more and more into a big conglemorate. Monsanto is $66 Billion worth to Bayer.

Bayer who is a big name in the phramacy industry now includes one of the top comapnies in agricultural biotechnology because of this deal. The only challenge which they need to pass is getting the merger past regulators all round the globe.

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