My world on Twitter #11

For more news about things which move the world, or at least twitter, go to #datajournos. In this article you can see a summary of my twitter posts of the last four weeks.

Last race ever!

After kicking off my last NCAA’s on Wednesday I finally have with the slalom my last race in my career coming up. My draw was bip six.

This was a very emotional moment for me after so many years of full commitment to high athlete level sports and also three years as a college athlete. All these years been a pleasure and an outstanding experience which I don’t want to miss. So all I got to say is THANKS.

Why taking vaccines in the US?

Taking vaccines shots or not? This is a question everyone has to face and parents even more. This garphical report gives you some guidance to find an answer you are happy with.

What happens when you get a shot, how does this affect the society and population around you. Which rumors related to vaccines, such as it causes autism, are real or not.

Mission #24 for DU

The DU ski team is heading into the 64th NCAA skiing event which starts with the first competition on Wednesday. DU tries to defend the title and make it their 24th championship.

For myself after having received the senior bip at the regionals it is the final stage. One more time! I am proud to be allowed to stand in the gate for DU.

The history of the political parties in the US

The history of political parties in the US is a long one with a lot of switches in power. But it is not a exclusiv story about Democrats and Republicans. Also is their history bound to the Presidents of the United States.

All of this is shown in this orginally hand drawn graph which portrays the parties history until President George W. Bush.

Predicting the soccer champions of Europe

It is the enthralling time within soccer in Europe. The Champions League is in the knock-out stage and in the national leagues it is the time to get a ticket for the european competition for next season or to ensure to be still part of the league next season.

Do you want to see an outlook about who will possibly win the European Champions League this year? 538 is updating their calculation within each league after each game.

And the Oscar goes to …

The race to win one of the golden men is currently running. Rumors are always aroung about who will make the race.

538 used the statistics of other arwards, which happened earlier within this arward season. In the end 538 comes up with their own predicted list of winners. To finally find out who really wins them one still need to wait untilthe show is over.

Ski the 2017 downhill track in St. Moritz

The German public TV Station, ARD, produced one of the new videos shot by a 360° camera. This new utensil allows to check out the track and the view of a racer from multiple angles.

This allows also to consider new possiblities using graphics to explain within the video a choice of track and the area e.g. the name of the peaks of the mountains around.

Long time analysis of voters in regards of race

Spliting up groups of voters has always been part of the analysis. The Democratic party is more diverse than the Republican.

The support for Trump overall is less than the support Obama had at the beginning. Regadless the support of white voters for Trump is overproportional.

How to controll a new Porsche 919 Hybrid race car

This is an interactive online publication which shows the steering wheel of an Porsche 919. The new race car is controlled by a lot of buttons.

To get the information which button does what hover over them and an explaination will be given.

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My world on Twitter #10

For more news about things which move the world, or at least twitter, go to #datajournos. In this article you can see a summary of my twitter posts of the last two weeks.

World University Games: Slalom Silver for myself!

After difficulties in the Giant Slalom race and an unsatisfying 18th rank I was able to let my medal wish come true in the final race, the Slalom.

After leading in the first run, I tried to go for gold, but two mistakes in the second run were too much and just good enough for silver. In the end I was happy with my second silver medal now at World University Games and having had the possiblity to spent again a wounderful time at a big sport event, an event of encounter and meeting new friends.

How the Patriots found their way to win the Super Bowl

The 51st Super Bowl is history. The Patriots won a epic battle against the Falcons. After the Falcons had the lead, the Patriots started a outstanding catch up in the last qurater and made it into over time.

In the overtime they then had the momentum on their side and won their 5th Super Bowl. The  NewYork Times laid out in a nice infographic how the Patriots made it down the field the last time step by step.

From which company comes my food?

In the grocery store one finds a lot of different brands. One sees many different brands but who is owning them? Is there really a broad variety?

This infogrpahic shows who ones which brands. In the end it shows that there are just a few companies who own all the brands we see in our grocery store.

Arrival at Almaty, KAZ, and the Universiade – let’s go!

I just arrived at 5.30 am local time in Almaty coming from Anchorage, Alaska. I had a super jaglet, there are 15h difference between the two places.

But I had a few days till the first competition, a schedule of the complet Winter Universiade can be found under which is a nice graphic.

What languages speaks the world?

This is a cool infographic about languages that shows how many native speaker there are by the size of its field. Besides this the color shows the region a language is rooted.

Below the stats show in how many country each language is spoken and which languages are the most popular as being learned.

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My world on Twitter #9

For more news about things which move the world, or at least twitter, go to #datajournos. In this article you can see a summary of my twitter posts of the last two weeks.

How much does the US owe other nations?

The BBC created a interactive graphic that displays the debts of certain nations, e.g. the United States, France or Germany. It turns out that a lot of nations have about equal debts in between each other.

Besides showing just dept-relation, one receives complementary numbers which portray the situation for each country in a borader and deeper going way, e.g. GDP.

Whom follow the Members of German Parlament on Twitter?

Research shows that most followed on Twitter by Members of German Parlament is Steffen Seibert, who is the spokesman of German Bundeskanzlerin, Angela Merkel.

The article shows a couple of graphs about who is followed by which party, how many members are on Twitter and who are the most followed members by other members.

Finland tries out new ways to get people back into work

Finland kicked off a big social experiment, a basic income for 2000 people. Randomly they selected people within their country who are currently out of work to be payed a basic income.

Other benefits the chosen citizen receive won’t be cut off, e.g. housing. Any income is additional but there will be no bureaucracy for them in case they loose a job or face illness.

Suggestions for Brexit

The french newspaper “Le Monde” gives a few currently thinkable solutions of how a brexit can look.

The scenarion which is unique and a first time appearence in history is currently not predictable. The different scenarios could also be explained to the audince by visualisation tools, one for each scenario.

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My world on Twitter #8

The new quarter has started at my university (University of Denver) and I have a new quarter in which I will report here shortly about my Tweets and with it what’s happening around the globe.

For more news about things which move the world, or at least twitter, go to #datajournos. In this article you can see a summary of my twitter posts of the last two weeks.

Fiat Chrysler also used emission software

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found in Jeep and Dodge cars a software which lead to higher nitrogen oxide levels. Fiat so far denied all accusations.

There was a huge drop for the shares at the stock markets in New York and Milan. The EPA is investing several car software after the huge Volkswagen scandal; currently it is unclear if the EPA has found any additional wrongdoing.

The new Elbphilarmonie is opening – check it out!

In Hamburg, Germany, the so called Elbphilarmonie is finally opening. The construction should be very favourable for the sound inside the conert hall.

This graphic story has been published while the construction was still on going but it explains the concepts of the building very well. I think this can be seen as a good example for a two page grapic story.

The first longtime effects of marjuana in Colorado

Since marjuana has become legal in Colorado a lot of positve and often suprising reports about have been seen in the media. The legalisation also opened up new fields of study. Medical longtime obeservation and researches for example.

Now after a couple of years, hospitals and doctors are announcing that the number of patients who come to them with an illness linked to marjuana use has highly increased. People report to feel queasy and see indications of the flu.

The president of the Ivory Cost makes a deal with rebels

For a few days the Ivory Cost was just steps away from an domestic crisis that could have turned into a civil war. Rebels took control over several cities, e.g. Abidjan, Daloa or Korhogo.

The president, Alassane Ouattara, agreed to the demands of the rebels who were mainly asking for imporved conditions of life. So far everything happened non violent.

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My World on Twitter #7

For more news about things which move the world, or at least twitter, go to #digitaljournos. Here you can see a summary of my twitter posts of the past four weeks.

This edition is the last one to the #coderjournos, so enjoy and have fun!

I also like to use this opportunity to let you know about my most recent story – Stepping ahead- planning a career – which I did in cooperation with Siobhan Stocks-Lyons.

Besides this I will have another new future on my page by tomorrow (21. November), check it out its a portfolio page of mine.

New steps in medicine = new ways to dope

Antibodies are the new hope for people who have amyotrophia diseases. They have the ability to slow down and even stop the decrease of muskels.

This skill is highly interesting to the world of doping. Experts say it is easier as genetic doping and it is not for the rest of the athlets life. The problem for athlets might be that the antibodies are, at the moment, visible.

Besides the use of the antibodies by healthy people is related to high risks for their health.


A new way of story telling can be seen in the documentary by the gebruederbeetz film production. Their whole documentary is just out of material which they found on youtube.

The entrance gate of the concentration camp in Ausschwitz, Poland. Photo by Fish and karate

The film follows pupils from Israel on their big journey to Poland. During this trip the pupils look at the history their people have gone through during World War II.

The journey is highly emotional and challenging for the students as they are e.g. listening to personal fades while standing in the crematory.

Clinton becomes Al Gore

The election system in the United States has its own rules. What seems for a lot of people in Europe not thinkable is possible in the United States due to the electoral college.

Hillary Clinton lost the election. She could not gain enough votes within the electoral college, but she won the popular vote.

The last time that this happened was in 2000. Democratic candidate Al Gore lost against former President George W. Bush junior although Gore won the popular vote.

The world’s reactions on Trumps victory

After a long campainging season the United States and the world have now knowledge about who is the new resident in the White House. Donald Trump.

In the common tradition congratulations and statements from governments around the globe were given in the aftermath.

Western Europe congratualates and demands of the new President. Countries like Russia or Turkey whom with the relations have been difficult in the recent past are stating they welcome the opportunity for a new start between the United States and their countries.

Amelia Earhart might have died as a cast away

This is an interesting story about a femal pioneer in aviation history.

Amelia Earhart.

The written story tells about new evidence that was found which possibley proves that Earhart has died as a cast away. The other older theory is that Earhart died in a plane crash.

In the viedo which is available with the story shows new footage that was found just recently. It shows Earhart shortly before she left for the try to fly around the world as first women – a try for a record. She never finshed her mission and her body was never found.

Stepanows finally receive support

The Stepanows, who are the biggest whistle-blower related to the huge doping scandal in Russia and the Russian track and field team, will recieve now after the olympics support by the IOC.olympic_rings_with_transparent_rims-svg

Critics say the support given to the Stepanows was over due and should have been given from the start on. Julia Stepanowa tried to participate at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janrerio, but the IOC did not give their approval.

Now Witali Stepanow will become a consultant for the IOC and finacial aid will be given to the Stepanows.

First photo story published

I am currently enrolled in the class ‘online journalism’ at the University of Denver. For this class we have different projects that we need to submit.

This is a my first photo story about a construction side close to campus. ‘Muse appartments’ is the name of the future building which will very likely host soon a lot of DU students.

Natpe Career day at 9news

Natpe or the National Association of Television Program Executives has organised a day of education in Denver.

The event was hosted at KUSA where young journalist could attend a career day including a job fair and a TV station tour.

Allegheny Forest region, a secret beauty

The BBC did a photo story on the Allegeheny Forest. It uncovers a beauty that can be found in the east of the United States.

The region is a secret trip for taveling. Rivers and trails are found for hikers and other fanciers of nature, but also industrial history.

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My world on Twitter #6

For more news about things which move the world, or at least twitter, go to #coderjournos. Here you can see a summary of my twitter posts of the past three weeks.

As this edition is the last one to the #coderjournos I want to point out a few hightlights of the past weeks before I give you the common report.

Different coding for different hardware

Imagein you have mastered the skill set one need to do the coding for an app. So you or one of your friend has a great idea for an app which you want to realise together.

First question coming up, as you code for a smartphone app, which code I should work on first? iOS or Android?

Image by George Thomas

It is a question about markets, consumer behavoir etc. Also there is a big number of windows phone users 80mio! And have in mind the option of cross-platform tools.

Being quadriplegic doesn’t mean you can’t be a race car driver

Arrow has designed a special car to help Sam Schmidt, a former Indy Racing League driver, to make it back on the race track after he became quadriplegic due to a crash.

By rethinking the control system of a car and finding crative solutions the team of Arrow has modified a 2014 Corvette C7 Stingray. They call the car SAM – a semi-autonomous motorcar.

End of highlights, start of my regular report of Tweets.

Map the US according to the presidential vote

These are two maps of the US. One of them is showing the geographical area Trump has won, the other one shows where Clinton has won.

In contrast to the common mapping in red and blue the maps are in common geographical color. Next to that the creaters added logical geographical names to the islands, seas, etc. that was created, e.g. ‘the American Ocean’.

The moon on it’s closest elliptical turn – is the supermoon

We can become witness on Sunday and Monday of the biggest and closest moon since 1948. Scientists advice to look at the moon right after it has risen in the east.

It’s called ‘perigee’ when the moon is on its closest approach. The perigee does not always happen at the time of a full moon; if they are in sync we call the moon a supermoon.

The moon won’t be this close again until 25 November 2034.

Reince Priebus named chief of staff

Priebus, a republican leader, is named chief of staff  by elected President Donald Trump. Even though Priebus is part of the Washingtoner es

The new chief of staff . Image by Gage Skidmore

tablishment which was attacked so heavily during campaigning.

The chief of staff is the head of the members of staff within the white house and decides who gets access to the President.

It is expected that Priebus should build bridges for Trump to congress republicans in the future.

Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch was struck again by a heavy earthquake of 7,8 and a second one of 6,2. A tsunami warning is released which got weakend later.

So far two people seem to have died in the event, but the local administrations are staying that mainly property damage occured.

More user online due to smartphones

The number of user of online news is growing in Germany. Most people are using their smartphone or another moblie divice to get online.

According to the study the main interest is on video and audio stories. Nevertheless there exists a seperation by age. Older people still prefere TV; just 45% of the people over 70 years are online.

JS code helps to find informations about ski alpine racers

Anja Paerson in Aspen, Slalom World Cup. Photo by Arthur Mouratidis

In class the JS project just got started. In group work we’ll design our first apps.

To get inspiration and a better understanding for the JS language I was checking out some examples. This one is the huge data base of the International Ski Federation in which every athlet can be found with any records about his or her career.

AT&T wants to buy TimeWarner

The telecommunicater AT&T wants to buy the media conglomerate TimeWarner.

This might seem like big suprise on the first impression, but after considering a few facts it becomes very reasonable. AT&T biggest competitor Verizon has bought AOL and is interested in Yahoo.

AT&T sees the future, with it’s own skill as a service provider, and the content producing skills that TimeWarner has combined.

See you soon on Twitter, the  #coderjournos class is  over.

Stepping ahead- planning a career

Produced and written in cooperation with Siobhan Stocks-Lyons

This time of year is when the majority of college students are starting to prepare for summer internships and jobs. Having an organized plan and an updated resume is vital for success. At the University of Denver, there are a multitude of resources to aid students in the struggle to obtain summer internships.

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