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Felix Neureuther Talks Children’s Books, Fatherhood, And The Olympics

My first article with is published.

It’s been a busy few weeks for Germany’s Felix Neureuther. Between his preparations for the upcoming World Cup season, the Garmisch-Partenkirchen native managed to find time to publish his own children’s book as well as become a father to a baby girl.

The book, titled “Auf die Piste – Fertig – Los! (On the Slope – Ready – Go!)” is aimed at encouraging children to lead an active lifestyle. For this project, Neureuther was supported by German soccer World Champion Bastian Schweinsteiger, who currently plays for the Chicago Fire of Major League Soccer (MLS) and is one of Neureuther’s closest friends since childhood.

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“We are not Borat!”

Title image: Borat (film character), a man of controversial. Taken by Michael Bulcik / SKS Soft GmbH Düsseldorf.

Everyone knows about stereotypes and clichés. We know about them in regards to gender, races or nations to just mention a few example topics. Often we are not even aware of the fact that we are trapped by them in our routine and probably even worse once we travel. This effect is increases if it is a country or nation one does not know a lot about.

Being faced with stereotypes and the common assumptions they include can be an offensive experience for the person being categorized. We create in our lives categories to maneuver more easily through all the information and stimuli that we face every day. Although it can be helpful to work with stereotypes, we often forget too easily how it feels to be the judged person.

Akbota Tasmagambetova, a student from Kazakhstan knows this feeling well “I am not Borat” she says referring to the controversial 2006 film that featured Sacha Baron Cohen. Tasmagambetova’s friend Kamilya Kanat, from the International College of Language in Almaty, agrees with her “Yes, we are not Borat!” The two students are upsetby this stereotyped version of their country and culture.

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About the Struggles of Foreigners in the U.S. Health Care System

Health care including insurance and Obamacare have generated an enormous debate during the past several years in the U.S., but international students provide a perspective that is often missing in the discussion. In order to understand the cultural perspective, interviews were done with three international students from China and Germany.

Xiaoyi Zhu, a University of Denver (DU) grad student who is writing her thesis, says she was not aware of how expensive health care really is in the U.S. As any international student, Zhu attended the international student orientation week at DU. Zhu remembers the health care system, therefore, the insurance need was addressed. She also says “I was just overwhelmed during this event; so many people with different important topics talked to us, I just missed completely the significance of getting health insurance.” She added that she would have liked to see follow-up guidance on this topic, but it is just a onetime announcement during student orientation.

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My world on Twitter #11

For more news about things which move the world, or at least twitter, go to #datajournos. In this article you can see a summary of my twitter posts of the last four weeks.

Last race ever!

After kicking off my last NCAA’s on Wednesday I finally have with the slalom my last race in my career coming up. My draw was bip six.

This was a very emotional moment for me after so many years of full commitment to high athlete level sports and also three years as a college athlete. All these years been a pleasure and an outstanding experience which I don’t want to miss. So all I got to say is THANKS.

Why taking vaccines in the US?

Taking vaccines shots or not? This is a question everyone has to face and parents even more. This garphical report gives you some guidance to find an answer you are happy with.

What happens when you get a shot, how does this affect the society and population around you. Which rumors related to vaccines, such as it causes autism, are real or not.

Mission #24 for DU

The DU ski team is heading into the 64th NCAA skiing event which starts with the first competition on Wednesday. DU tries to defend the title and make it their 24th championship.

For myself after having received the senior bip at the regionals it is the final stage. One more time! I am proud to be allowed to stand in the gate for DU.

The history of the political parties in the US

The history of political parties in the US is a long one with a lot of switches in power. But it is not a exclusiv story about Democrats and Republicans. Also is their history bound to the Presidents of the United States.

All of this is shown in this orginally hand drawn graph which portrays the parties history until President George W. Bush.

Predicting the soccer champions of Europe

It is the enthralling time within soccer in Europe. The Champions League is in the knock-out stage and in the national leagues it is the time to get a ticket for the european competition for next season or to ensure to be still part of the league next season.

Do you want to see an outlook about who will possibly win the European Champions League this year? 538 is updating their calculation within each league after each game.

And the Oscar goes to …

The race to win one of the golden men is currently running. Rumors are always aroung about who will make the race.

538 used the statistics of other arwards, which happened earlier within this arward season. In the end 538 comes up with their own predicted list of winners. To finally find out who really wins them one still need to wait untilthe show is over.

Ski the 2017 downhill track in St. Moritz

The German public TV Station, ARD, produced one of the new videos shot by a 360° camera. This new utensil allows to check out the track and the view of a racer from multiple angles.

This allows also to consider new possiblities using graphics to explain within the video a choice of track and the area e.g. the name of the peaks of the mountains around.

Long time analysis of voters in regards of race

Spliting up groups of voters has always been part of the analysis. The Democratic party is more diverse than the Republican.

The support for Trump overall is less than the support Obama had at the beginning. Regadless the support of white voters for Trump is overproportional.

How to controll a new Porsche 919 Hybrid race car

This is an interactive online publication which shows the steering wheel of an Porsche 919. The new race car is controlled by a lot of buttons.

To get the information which button does what hover over them and an explaination will be given.

See you soon on Twitter, the  class #datajournos is  over.

My world on Twitter #10

For more news about things which move the world, or at least twitter, go to #datajournos. In this article you can see a summary of my twitter posts of the last two weeks.

World University Games: Slalom Silver for myself!

After difficulties in the Giant Slalom race and an unsatisfying 18th rank I was able to let my medal wish come true in the final race, the Slalom.

After leading in the first run, I tried to go for gold, but two mistakes in the second run were too much and just good enough for silver. In the end I was happy with my second silver medal now at World University Games and having had the possiblity to spent again a wounderful time at a big sport event, an event of encounter and meeting new friends.

How the Patriots found their way to win the Super Bowl

The 51st Super Bowl is history. The Patriots won a epic battle against the Falcons. After the Falcons had the lead, the Patriots started a outstanding catch up in the last qurater and made it into over time.

In the overtime they then had the momentum on their side and won their 5th Super Bowl. The  NewYork Times laid out in a nice infographic how the Patriots made it down the field the last time step by step.

From which company comes my food?

In the grocery store one finds a lot of different brands. One sees many different brands but who is owning them? Is there really a broad variety?

This infogrpahic shows who ones which brands. In the end it shows that there are just a few companies who own all the brands we see in our grocery store.

Arrival at Almaty, KAZ, and the Universiade – let’s go!

I just arrived at 5.30 am local time in Almaty coming from Anchorage, Alaska. I had a super jaglet, there are 15h difference between the two places.

But I had a few days till the first competition, a schedule of the complet Winter Universiade can be found under which is a nice graphic.

What languages speaks the world?

This is a cool infographic about languages that shows how many native speaker there are by the size of its field. Besides this the color shows the region a language is rooted.

Below the stats show in how many country each language is spoken and which languages are the most popular as being learned.

See you in a few weeks for more from the world of Twitter #datajournos!