My world on Twitter #11

For more news about things which move the world, or at least twitter, go to #datajournos. In this article you can see a summary of my twitter posts of the last four weeks.

Last race ever!

After kicking off my last NCAA’s on Wednesday I finally have with the slalom my last race in my career coming up. My draw was bip six.

This was a very emotional moment for me after so many years of full commitment to high athlete level sports and also three years as a college athlete. All these years been a pleasure and an outstanding experience which I don’t want to miss. So all I got to say is THANKS.

Why taking vaccines in the US?

Taking vaccines shots or not? This is a question everyone has to face and parents even more. This garphical report gives you some guidance to find an answer you are happy with.

What happens when you get a shot, how does this affect the society and population around you. Which rumors related to vaccines, such as it causes autism, are real or not.

Mission #24 for DU

The DU ski team is heading into the 64th NCAA skiing event which starts with the first competition on Wednesday. DU tries to defend the title and make it their 24th championship.

For myself after having received the senior bip at the regionals it is the final stage. One more time! I am proud to be allowed to stand in the gate for DU.

The history of the political parties in the US

The history of political parties in the US is a long one with a lot of switches in power. But it is not a exclusiv story about Democrats and Republicans. Also is their history bound to the Presidents of the United States.

All of this is shown in this orginally hand drawn graph which portrays the parties history until President George W. Bush.

Predicting the soccer champions of Europe

It is the enthralling time within soccer in Europe. The Champions League is in the knock-out stage and in the national leagues it is the time to get a ticket for the european competition for next season or to ensure to be still part of the league next season.

Do you want to see an outlook about who will possibly win the European Champions League this year? 538 is updating their calculation within each league after each game.

And the Oscar goes to …

The race to win one of the golden men is currently running. Rumors are always aroung about who will make the race.

538 used the statistics of other arwards, which happened earlier within this arward season. In the end 538 comes up with their own predicted list of winners. To finally find out who really wins them one still need to wait untilthe show is over.

Ski the 2017 downhill track in St. Moritz

The German public TV Station, ARD, produced one of the new videos shot by a 360° camera. This new utensil allows to check out the track and the view of a racer from multiple angles.

This allows also to consider new possiblities using graphics to explain within the video a choice of track and the area e.g. the name of the peaks of the mountains around.

Long time analysis of voters in regards of race

Spliting up groups of voters has always been part of the analysis. The Democratic party is more diverse than the Republican.

The support for Trump overall is less than the support Obama had at the beginning. Regadless the support of white voters for Trump is overproportional.

How to controll a new Porsche 919 Hybrid race car

This is an interactive online publication which shows the steering wheel of an Porsche 919. The new race car is controlled by a lot of buttons.

To get the information which button does what hover over them and an explaination will be given.

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