My world on Twitter #10

For more news about things which move the world, or at least twitter, go to #datajournos. In this article you can see a summary of my twitter posts of the last two weeks.

World University Games: Slalom Silver for myself!

After difficulties in the Giant Slalom race and an unsatisfying 18th rank I was able to let my medal wish come true in the final race, the Slalom.

After leading in the first run, I tried to go for gold, but two mistakes in the second run were too much and just good enough for silver. In the end I was happy with my second silver medal now at World University Games and having had the possiblity to spent again a wounderful time at a big sport event, an event of encounter and meeting new friends.

How the Patriots found their way to win the Super Bowl

The 51st Super Bowl is history. The Patriots won a epic battle against the Falcons. After the Falcons had the lead, the Patriots started a outstanding catch up in the last qurater and made it into over time.

In the overtime they then had the momentum on their side and won their 5th Super Bowl. The  NewYork Times laid out in a nice infographic how the Patriots made it down the field the last time step by step.

From which company comes my food?

In the grocery store one finds a lot of different brands. One sees many different brands but who is owning them? Is there really a broad variety?

This infogrpahic shows who ones which brands. In the end it shows that there are just a few companies who own all the brands we see in our grocery store.

Arrival at Almaty, KAZ, and the Universiade – let’s go!

I just arrived at 5.30 am local time in Almaty coming from Anchorage, Alaska. I had a super jaglet, there are 15h difference between the two places.

But I had a few days till the first competition, a schedule of the complet Winter Universiade can be found under which is a nice graphic.

What languages speaks the world?

This is a cool infographic about languages that shows how many native speaker there are by the size of its field. Besides this the color shows the region a language is rooted.

Below the stats show in how many country each language is spoken and which languages are the most popular as being learned.

See you in a few weeks for more from the world of Twitter #datajournos!