My world on Twitter #9

For more news about things which move the world, or at least twitter, go to #datajournos. In this article you can see a summary of my twitter posts of the last two weeks.

How much does the US owe other nations?

The BBC created a interactive graphic that displays the debts of certain nations, e.g. the United States, France or Germany. It turns out that a lot of nations have about equal debts in between each other.

Besides showing just dept-relation, one receives complementary numbers which portray the situation for each country in a borader and deeper going way, e.g. GDP.

Whom follow the Members of German Parlament on Twitter?

Research shows that most followed on Twitter by Members of German Parlament is Steffen Seibert, who is the spokesman of German Bundeskanzlerin, Angela Merkel.

The article shows a couple of graphs about who is followed by which party, how many members are on Twitter and who are the most followed members by other members.

Finland tries out new ways to get people back into work

Finland kicked off a big social experiment, a basic income for 2000 people. Randomly they selected people within their country who are currently out of work to be payed a basic income.

Other benefits the chosen citizen receive won’t be cut off, e.g. housing. Any income is additional but there will be no bureaucracy for them in case they loose a job or face illness.

Suggestions for Brexit

The french newspaper “Le Monde” gives a few currently thinkable solutions of how a brexit can look.

The scenarion which is unique and a first time appearence in history is currently not predictable. The different scenarios could also be explained to the audince by visualisation tools, one for each scenario.

See you in a few weeks for more from the world of Twitter #datajournos!


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