What new influences do media have on the 2016 presidential election?

Head photo by Theresa Thompson

It might be the first time during any presidential campaigning that the candidates themselves have so often discussed and mentioned or even criticized the media in their behavior. Nearby the candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, believe in the influence that media have on voters.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both not just battling each other from behind podiums; the race for the White House is this time very deeply discussed in social media. Photo by Krassotkin (derivative), Gage Skidmore (Donald Trump), Gage Skidmore (Hillary Clinton) from Wikimedia.

“Media had always played a huge role”

The role of media had traditionally been huge in presidential elections according to University of Denver Professor Lynn Schofield Clark, PhD, chair of the Media, Film and Journalism Departement. Over time new media platforms brought new elements into the race for the White House, e.g. TV emphasis emotions and social media emphasis the shocking momentum.

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My World on Twitter #1

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How social media influences the presidental race

The number of active users of social media has impressivly grown since the last election. Facebook, Twitter and Co. are reaching more people then ever and presidental candidates try to react to this.

SocialFlow is a company that has had a closer look on the topic. According to them Donald Trump got free advertisment through social media which is worth $380 Million, in contrast Hillary Clinton just $100 Million.

The main group which is reached thourgh the use of social media is the young voter.

A Comparism of global carbon dioxide emissions

The United States and Europe have over the past decades a relative constant level of carbon dioxide emissions. Also counted per head the United States have about double the amount of a European person.

The big global problem becomes reality if China and India reach the European level. These countries are just in their development.

The future of driving?

Canada’s Ministre Garneau is checking out the newest technology of cars. A hydrogen fuel cell car which doesn’t make any noise while driving it.

As this car is not yet on sale one needs to find other solutions. Transport Canada provides  good guidance for buying fuel efficent cars.

Being quadriplegic doesn’t mean you can’t be a race car driver

Arrow has designed a special car to help Sam Schmidt, a former Indy Racing League driver, to make it back on the race track after he became quadriplegic due to a crash.

By rethinking the control system of a car and finding crative solutions the team of Arrow has modified a 2014 Corvette C7 Stingray. They call the car SAM – a semi-autonomous motorcar.

Bayer buys Monsanto

The German company Bayer turns more and more into a big conglemorate. Monsanto is $66 Billion worth to Bayer.

Bayer who is a big name in the phramacy industry now includes one of the top comapnies in agricultural biotechnology because of this deal. The only challenge which they need to pass is getting the merger past regulators all round the globe.

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